8 ideas you never thought help grow the sport

Find a younger or less experienced player to mentor

Sometimes beginners may get intimidated to go out and play on a course where there are a lot of experienced players. Disc Golf in CommunitiesIf you go out on the course with them and work through some of the basics you will help build their confidence.

Donate discs to new players

You probably have used discs that perhaps as your disc golf game improved you stopped using. Instead of those discs collecting dust, donate them to someone that is starting out that needs a beginner disc.

Organize a course clean up or construction project

The parks and courses don’t clean themselves up and sometimes the city’s Park and Rec Department do not have the hours to clean up. Pick a day that you will spend 30 minutes cleaning up a nearby park or maybe even take a trash bag with you when you play a round so you can pick up trash.

Volunteer for a local tournament

The job of a Tournament Director (TD) is very time consuming. If there is a tournament in your area instead of playing, ask to volunteer to be a spotter or filling up the water jugs.

Donate some of your unthrown discs as prizes

So you have been collecting discs for a few years now and you are running out of wall space to hang them all? Donate those discs to a tournament as CTP (Closest to the Pin) prizes for a local tournament or league night. You will be the hero for sure.

Organize side games for a local tournament

TD’s are always looking for fun ways to improve the player’s experience at a tournament. One way is to have side games such as putting and distance competitions or a Ring of Fire. Tell a TD you will organize a side game to enhance their tournament.

Teach a disc golf class

You may not be a World Champion but, you have more knowledge about Disc Golf than the person that just started throwing plastic yesterday. Most people are eager to learn about Disc Golf. Find a neighborhood after school program and offer to teach Disc Golf.

Run a regularly schedule league night

Running a weekly league night is the perfect way to put a little bit of competition fun into a round of Disc Golf. Most leagues cost $5 to play and payout goes to the top finishers. Some leagues use some of the money to help with course improvement. League nights are a good first step in playing in competition which could lead them to playing in bigger tournaments.




Team TrilogyThanks to the members of Team Trilogy for these 8 awesome ideas for growing the sport. Team Trilogy is a fan based, family oriented disc golf community, dedicated to promoting the sport and the brands we love while bringing like-minded people together from around the globe.