Growing Disc Golf Everywhere

Scott Fortier

South Bend First SDA Church

For the last year or I have been working with several people from my church and teaching them how to play disc golf. A few months ago, we started a small group ministry around disc golf. We go once every Sunday morning (we go to church on Saturday) and play a round of disc golf at one of the course in our area. We will have up to 10 – 12 people join us each week. We do have a small 9 hole course set up at our church that I designed. There are 5 baskets (4 of which have alternate pin locations (including an “island hole”)), so some are used more than once. We had a Trilogy Challenge at the church course on 9/11. We had 30 entrants (any more and I feel it would have been too many for our little course), and everyone really enjoyed our course. There were several people that asked if they could come play our course on other days outside of the tournament. Also, just about everyone there said to let them know next time we do a tournament at our course and they would love to come and play there again. My goal is to some day start a league with other churches here in South Bend where we can compete against each other in a team format, That is how I’m trying to grow the sport.


Mark Wynants

North Las Vegas Golf Park

In November of 2015, I ventured into an old Par 3, 9 hole course, in North Las Vegas after reading that the City might close it down. I spoke with employees and the supervisors alike and there was just no interest.  On the way out the door, I was met by one of the directors of Parks and Recreation just by chance.  Realizing the opportunity, I quickly introduced myself and told her why I was here. About 1 hour later, she was sold on testing this game out to see how much revenue it could generate. After a few test nights, I was told that Disc Golf was here to stay!

In April of 2016, we opened the park officially. 18 Baskets, on 9 fairways with 9 tee pads. We have doubled the revenue since that opening day or better and the coffee shop and Pro shop are bustling again. We play nights only, 4:30 to 10 pm under a well lite course, we support league play during the week, we welcome tournament play with advanced notice, and Open play.  Since opening day, I have seen more and more new people playing this game!  One nice perk to this was seeing how many tourist travel with their bags and gear, it is so nice to have people from all over the planet come to play the course.

I have played this game for approx. 42 years now and seen it explode.  Giving back to a game that has gave so much to me is a great feeling, but, seeing the game grow, watching new folks play, talking with people from all over, and just being a part of this game is worth all the missed putts, and chain outs in my lifetime!


Shawn Gildersleeve

ChainHawks – Gainesville, Florida

I took 1st place in our clubs Trilogy Challenge this year and it was a blast. I told myself before it started that if i won that i would do something to progress the sport and give back to this great sport that has given me so many new friends and good times in my 1st year of playing disc golf. So after the tournament finished and the prized were handed out ,there was this girl probably about 12yrs old sitting with her mom and dad, so i went over and introduced myself to them and asked there daughter if  she enjoyed the sport, she replied yes with a big smile on her face. So i asked her parents if it was OK them if i could give her the Dynamic disc bag and a couple discs the i won, they said yes with big smile’s on there faces and mine also. So after i gave there daughter her gifts she said thank you and i went back to talking with friends about our round. The girls father came up and tapped me on the shoulder about 10 mins later to tell me that  it made her day and she hasn’t stop smiling since ,we shook hands and i told him this was just my way to get the younger generation more involved and that the kids that play could be the future champions of this awesome sport that i love so much.  We shook hands, he told me thank you,i said no problem and that this experience made me just as happy as the 3 of them.

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  • Recently, I have known that disc golf has grown well! I wish it’ll be developed more and you can achieve something better in the future! Always support from here!

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