The Movement

Take a friend to a course

You know you have some old discs laying around that you never use. Grab those discs, grab a friend, and take them out to your favorite course and teach them how to throw some plastic.

Take a basket to work

Instead of sitting around the lunch room watching boring TV invite people outside to putt on a travel basket.

Teach Kids To Play

Contact a nearby elementary school and ask if you can teach a class on Disc Golf. Teachers love new activities that get kids out of the classroom and outside.

Get Out. Get Active. Play Disc Golf.

Benefits of Disc Golf

These are just a few of the benefits of playing Disc Golf
For Community
Although Disc Golf is an individual sport once you get plugged into a local club you will immediately sense the camaraderie felt in the Disc Golf Community.
For Health
One of the most obvious benefits of playing Disc Golf is that it gets you outside and moving. Instead of sitting on the couch you are outside walking the course and having fun.
For Parks
Disc Golf can bring an aesthetic enhancement to parks and on the economic side it can create revenue for communities.

Our Stories

How we started playing Disc Golf

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