See the best our sport has to offer

Taking someone out to play is a great way to introduce new people to the sport of disc golf. Going out and teaching them to throw and letting them hear the sound of chains is addicting. When you aren’t disc golfing or can’t because of weather or other circumstances what do most of us do? We hop onto YouTube and look up the newest video or one of our old favorites. What if that could be the way you introduce the game to someone? Right now in the sport of disc golf we can enjoy free live coverage of some of the biggest events in our sport. We also have more options to watch with post-production version of rounds that are condensed and often include commentary. Sitting someone down and showing them a round or two of the world’s top disc golfers may be the best way to get someone involved with the sport. They might find out they really enjoy watching others play which may help them catch on to the sport even more.

The best way to start is to go to YouTube and find the Dynamic Discs page and then look around a bit to find a good video or two. Another great way would be to find Jomez Productions with his 3D hole previews, SmashboxxTV live broadcast of some of the biggest tournaments of the year, The Disc Golf Guy has the condensed versions of the SmashboxxTV live broadcast, and McFly So High Productions have quality productions for your viewing pleasure.

With the United States Disc Golf Championships (USDGC) happening this weekend it is a perfect time to show someone the best our sport has to offer. It is the final major for 2015 and it is sure to have plenty of amazing disc golf action to keep you glued to your screen. If you find yourself unable to get your friends to the course to throw some plastic be sure to tell them to just do a search for Disc Golf on YouTube and they will find thousands of videos that will introduce them to the sport.

The final round from the 2015 Glass Blown Open which at the time of this article was the most watched round of Disc Golf (produced by Jomez Productions).