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What is Grow Disc Golf Day?

Think back to the first time you were introduced to the sport of Disc Golf. Chances are it was a friend that had some extra discs and they took you out to the course and showed you how to throw some discs. Maybe you did not like it at first or maybe you were hooked on the first time you landed a disc in a basket and heard the sound of those chains. For some of us it became a new way for us to get outside and spend time with friends and for others it became a new sport that presented new challenges to conquer. No matter what level you have taken Disc Golf if it was not for the friend that took you out to the course you would have never known the camaraderie or the thrills of Disc Golf.

Time to ask yourself a question

When was the last time that you actively tried to #GrowTheSport by getting more of your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors involved with one round at the most basic course that you have in your area? If it was recently, all the better and thank you for getting more players involved so that the sport can take another step in the right direction to become more main stream in the world wide market. But, if it has been awhile or if you have never tried to introduce more people to Disc Golf then we invite you start now.

You pick your Grow Disc Golf Day

Our challenge to you if you want to see the sport grow is to make #GrowDiscGolf week a reality with us. This concept is so simple that everyone can do it and at no expense.

This site contains plenty of ideas of how you can introduce more people to Disc Golf and when you do, we want to hear about it.



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