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group-1Think about your local disc golf scene. Is your scene alive and popping or is it stale and stagnant? If it is alive could there be more that could be added, or if it’s stale could you bring some new life to it? Is there a local club there and could you join in if possible? These are all things you can do to help not only yourself, but grow disc golf.

There are plenty of ways to help grow disc golf locally from running local leagues to running things that are just for fun. Doing things to get everyone involved in your community will only make your local scene stronger and will get more people involved and excited about disc golf.

At the Dynamic Discs HQ in Emporia, Kansas we have been working to build upon the strength of our local scene and with the help of some local players we have started and successfully run to date 2 PDGA Sanctioned leagues, multiple non-sanctioned league nights and something that gets everyone involved our Match Play event rightly named the King of Emporia. With the match play we ran a bracket challenge allowing the people who didn’t get into the highly competitive field of 16 to play along and pick the winners. So if you are looking at trying to build your local scene think outside the box and come up with some creative ways to get people involved. Here are some ideas:

  • Run a beginners league where newer players get paired up with more experienced players
  • Hold a PDGA Sanctioned League
  • Host a doubles league night once a week
  • Add more league nights at different courses
  • Start up a Match Play tournament
  • Get your local pros to help run a clinic and give insight.
  • Run a Trilogy Challenge

Getting involved in the local scene is the best way to learn how to grow your scene and see what the

people want. Getting involved not only helps the scene grow, but it could help grow your game as well.

Think Global. Throw Local.


One thought on “Grow Locally

  • I think fore us here in Norway is the best way of growing the sport is through schools and kids. They are the future of this sport. I do a lot of free class clinics on schools. I would love to have with me 25 mid and 25 fairway but if if so I have to take it out of my pocket.. tried to get a sponsor but hard.. so I would really like so see from the manufacturers or disc companys to make a FIRST TIME disc for low price to customers and schools and first timers beginners.. 1 disc one stamp forever low price and every body will now that disc… DO IT

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